There has been nothing more important than our big family in Sishemi.
We smartly strive to set new standards worldwide, and we believe we can go beyond any framework defined for ideas and talents through stepping into fields of technologies continuity without fatigue. Undoubtedly, this can be reached as we all trust in the individual talents and skills of each member of the Sishemi family to advance the goals of the collection.


Hello, we are

The big Sishemi family!

The day we got into technology, maybe we all had only one dream in common, we were looking to create a new world! This common dream also gave us the strength to build a family together and work hand in hand to rebuild each single part of this repetitive world.

Our Team

Sishemi team cannot be described in just a few words. Because some of us are hardworking and excited, some of us are introverted and shy, and some of us are ambitious. But what sets our team apart from other teams is that in each of these divisions, we do not see ourselves as separate from the other. We have built a team that makes sense together, and maybe friendship is what holds us together like pieces of a puzzle!


The Sishemi family is expanding and invites enthusiasts to join the family. If you have the necessary abilities and skills in one of the defined job positions, you can also be a member of this large family.

We Are Looking for

Contact with us

We sincerely answer your questions and welcome your comments and criticisms; be in contact with us.